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“I help travel entrepreneurs and small businesses scale & grow with proven strategies”

Claire Soares is the mastermind behind the flagship international luxury travel company, Up in the Air Life. She has worked on over $3Bn in the commercial travel sector and effortlessly wields her expertise to clinch impressive contracts, all while cultivating a business that resonates deeply and broadly. It’s no surprise she is a top Conde Nasté specialist.

A visionary in strategy and a beacon of cultural innovation, Claire has made her mark as a formidable entrepreneur and former Sales Executive. Her unique blend of professional experience and innate business insight positions her as a quintessential mentor for those eager to dive deeper into the art of deal-making and enterprise building. Across the nation, Claire engages with diverse audiences, shedding light on venture growth, meaningful brand creation, and navigating the societal constraints often placed on African Americans from a young age, extending into their professional lives.

Claire’s approach to sharing her knowledge is far from conventional. Her communication is a breath of fresh air for individuals fascinated by the worlds of automation, AI, sales, and gastronomy.

This unique blend of topics not only caters to travel entrepreneurs but to a broader audience keen on infusing their businesses with innovative strategies and a zest for life.

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